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What is FAB?
Bricks are the basic building material for all type of Civil Engineering construction works. The manufacture of conventional bricks in the market requires approx 29 crosre (cft) of good earth every year. The production of such bulk quantum of clay bricks from the top soil of cultivable land reduces the areas of agricultural production field. Clay Bricks productions also require coal burning and create a major source of atmospheric pollution. Flyash Brick (FAB) is a combination of Flyash, Sand and Cement. Flyash is a waste product of thermal power plant whereas sand comes from the river zone. The entire production process involves the latest hydraulics machinery equipments which create null pollution and supports environmental growth.

Why FAB?
FAB are uniform in shape,size and colour All the sides have smooth finish and of fixed sizes. They are free from salinity, damp and wetting since its water absorption ranges within 10 to 12% .Hence, there is no efflorescence resulting into its ultimate longer life. Slowly emerging as a alternate low cost housing material for smaller homes to large complexes and projects. Its low cost ultimately leads to some more effective projects benefitted for both developers and customers. Although its in research phase, but according to our study construction of one or two storey building can be done without any beams or columns easily and in less time using FAB.

Quality is the Key
FAB is manufactured through a entire machinery process ensuring full efficiency. The machine used in FAB holds a capacity of 100 tones. It can produce minimum of 3000 bricks per hour. Thus, resulting into the accurate and correct pressure on the bricks. Saying about quality, we had undergone through various types of test an research phase before launcing it in the market. We have a sophisticated laboratory in our site with all modern testing facilities. The most common method of measuring quality is the load test method. We have successfully completed it with a minimum value of 80 kg/cm2 to maximum 105 kg/cm2. Among the main ingredients used comprises of flyash, cement and sand. We are using A graded flyash from thermal plants with slug free superior quality cement and moderate sieved river sand to make the best quality out of it.

FAB Team
Our team comprises of excellent professionals having adequate knowledge of about 20 years in the field of FAB. Our team is led by Mr. B.M. Kumar, Civil Engineer graduate from Shibpur University having a long experience of about 30 years. Among the associates are engineers from mechanical, electrical and computer science to ensure that the quality is not compromised at any cost.