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General Information

Welcome to Flyash Brick (FAB) Alternate. Economic and Quick Building Material. Its just like a simple brick which we daily use but more stronger, more powerful and more reliable.Its uniform shape, dense composition, lighter in weight, high compressive strength, at a very low and economic cost starting from Rs. 6.00 onwards (Ex-Factory price). [...]

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What is Flyash Brick?

Flyash Brick is pressurized flyash,sand and cement enriched brick with high strength. It is a good economic alternate building material with 0% pollution. Low cost, easy availability at all seasons leads to its success.

FAB vs Clay Bricks

High compressability strength upto 100 kg/cm3 compared to only 70kg/cm3 in clay bricks.
Low water absorption less than 10 compared to 12
Good thermal and sound insulation better than clay.
Economic and light weight compared to clay bricks.
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Factory Location

Visit our Factory location for more details, samples and test certificates of our bricks and blocks of various sizes. Read more ...
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Good one... Nice bricks...Nice behaviour..provide quality bricks..adequate test certificates......Thank You. --- LUX COZI, Dankuni.