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Indal Thermal Power Plant, Hirakud

Constructed as site in charge the  following civil works at INDAL’S67.5MW Thermal  Power Plant at HIRAKUD, Sambalpur,Orissa   :

A) 130M high RCC CHIMNEY

B) Foundation works for BOILER,ESP, ID&FD Fan, etc. In 1990-91.

Constructed the following civil works-

A) Switch Yard

B) C.W.Pump House&F.O.P.H.

C) Chemical House&Reservoir

D) 2 Nos 35M High ASH SILO

The RCC Stack and ash silos were constructed using slip form technique in 1992-93.

Work done by :  B.M Kumar as Project Engineer of Simplex Concrete Piles(I) Ltd.

Duration of the job: 1990-93.